An often overlooked secret to passive marketing

E-MailOn the web, there are a ton of things that are competing for your customer’s attention.  What if I told you there was a simple, yet often overlooked way to gently remind everyone you come in contact with about your company and what you do?  Or even to alert them of a promotional offer or special you are offering?

There is.  And you won’t believe how incredibly simple it is.  Ready for this?  It’s your email signature.

You’ve seen them before, but have you ever used one?  It’s basically just a little blurb of text that automatically gets inserted into the bottom of every email you send.  If you participate in online forums, you can even have a “profile signature” with a link back to your website.

In the case of e-mail, this is a very simple and easy way to mention a special sale, promote a client or convey a a message – even if that message isn’t about your business itself.  Basically, you’re spreading your message about what you have to offer without really selling.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, as with many things, the simpler the better:

John Q. Public
Your Widget Corporation

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As far as forums go, your signature here serves a dial purpose in that it not only delivers your message, but it also creates a very valuable link back to your website everywhere you post.  Nothing helps propel you in the search engines better than good, quality links.

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