Expanding Your Company’s Reach

A lot of small business owners struggle to find ways to get their company’s name out to the general public. They also can find it difficult to establish a good pipeline of leads to continue reaching more customers. These problems can be addressed several ways, but not every approach will work for everyone. You have to consider your service or product line and find something that works well for you.

Telemarketing can be an easy way to build up a list of quality leads. If you do not have a couple of employees who can devote an entire days worth of work to this task, you may want to consider outsourcing the project to a telemarketing team. These teams focus on generating high quality leads to feed your company. They can also schedule appointments for your company and handle basic customer services. This allows you to run a smaller company but still have the man power to handle a larger base of customers and clients.

Depending on your services and or products, telemarketing may not be for you. It might also be too expensive for a smaller company to do, so hiring an in-house telemarketer may be easier. Just about anyone can be a telemarketer and can do the job, assuming they have a script to work from. These scripts are designed to quickly relay the information and the goal of the company to the customer. Telemarketing can be a very difficult job for someone without a thick skin. People generally do not care for telemarketers and are quick to hang up or yell at the telemarketer.

You can also look into localized advertising by getting active with some of the local schools. You can become an activity part of the schools in your community and during newsletters or social events, be allowed to market your company to the parents. This works on a multiple of levels. It gets the company into the public eye in a very positive manner but it also is an easy way to advertise your services and products.

Is it Worth Investing in Cloud Computing?

I am sure a lot of you have seen the numerous commercials on television for Cloud before. A lot of the commercials had been designed to show some of the key media features of the Cloud, by showing you pictures, documents and videos that you can view anywhere. You can pull up the information from your computer systems at home, from any location in the world, as long as you have Cloud. What does this mean for the average small business owner though? Is this new service something that is going to be a true benefit for a small business owner or is it just another pretty face to distract us?

Microsoft is now offering a private Cloud service that will allow you to deliver your applications as a service. In essence it will allow you to create your own applications to rapidly monitor and adjust various aspects of your business. You can use your private Cloud solution across any platform and it works with virtually any operating system. Microsoft states that the performance of Private Cloud Solutions will change the way businesses do business. They have designed the Private Cloud to be something that you can frequently adjust to meet the needs and demands of your business.

The Private Cloud Solution is focused around the use of apps. You can install or use virtually an endless number of apps and if you are unable to find one that suits your needs; it allows you to create your own. You can use these apps through your private cloud but though public clouds as well. I am not really sure what to make of this myself. I think it would be a great idea, to finally have a solution to a lot of common business problems many of us face but when push comes to shove is the cloud going to be able to handle what we need it for?

I do think that someone needs to figure out a way to make our computing tasks easier, but I do not think that the cloud is the right solution for our needs currently. While it gives users the flexibility to create the apps they might need, I do not like how it is a shell based design and imports all if your information for you automatically. While this could be beneficial for a lot of business owners, I like to express more control over my business.

Giving Your Employees Additional Health Coverage

One of the largest factors people take into consideration before accepting a position with a company are health benefits. Healthcare has become one of the leading concerns of most Americans, so much so that a lot of people will accept a smaller salary in exchange for more insurance coverage. For small business owners, that can sometimes become a problematic situation. The increasing cost of health insurance premiums has made it increasing difficult to offer our employees the type of coverage they want, without asking them to pick up the bill themselves.

When considering insurance coverage for your company, take into account the size of your business. A lot of insurance companies will require you to have a minimum number of employees to qualify for certain types of coverage. They could also require you to pay a larger monthly premium if you have a small number of employees. While this may seem to be an unfair circumstance, this could end up working to your advantage.

Do not be afraid to shop around when considering an insurance provider. See what kind of insurance companies will cover a small business and what type of coverage options they can offer you. You can also look into insurance programs that allow you to join an existing network. These networks were created specifically for small business owners or self employed members to get the coverage they need, without paying an increased premium. These networks place the employees into a “family” so to speak, that allows the members of those “families” to qualify for the larger coverage plans.

You can also spark the interest of more candidates by looking into optional disability insurance. This will not cost you anything but it gives your employees the added peace of mind. This type of insurance coverage is offered to employees on a voluntary basis. They assume responsibility for the premium for this insurance coverage, giving them additional security that most other businesses do not. This optional disability insurance is a great way to show your current and future employees that the company cares about the well being of its employee’s and their families.